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Analysing $STAKE token transfers

A breakdown of the top 20 stake holders by application.

What is this project about? #

This project contains a somewhat in depth analysis of the STAKE token tranfers. I analysed the distribution of STAKE tokens over time and across applications and aggregated overall holdings.

Why did I do this? #

I am a baghodler of STAKE tokens lol so I wanted to understand more about STAKE to figure out why it keeps dumping in price. Yes, I figured out why it keeps dumping in price.

How did I do it? #

Most of my data comes from pulling the data off the Ethereum blockchain with I also used plotly for creating the charts because I wanted to gain more experience with it. Initially I had plans to deploy this as a dashboard but decided to scrap that idea since I don't have enough free dyno hours on Heroku.

Extras #

The source code for this analysis can be found in this github repo. Follow the instructions on if you want to look at the analysis. I am still considering whether or not I should buy a raspi 4 to host it but I will update here if I do host it somewhere.