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Is your life a race?

Dear Simon,

Do you ever wonder if racing is all there is to life? A race to see who can graduate first? A race to see who can find a job first? A race to see who can get married first? A race to see who moves into a landed first? A race to see who has kids first?

There are many more examples of races we unknowingly participate simply by going with the flow, by doing what society deems we should be doing. Sure, there are some folks who prefer to live their life that way and it's okay. But you know yourself better than anyone else - you're not one of them.

Of course everyone is going to get jealous if you see someone younger and more successful than you are but that's just life. Life is unfair, you cannot recreate your life if you think your starting conditions are subpar (p.s. it's already really fucking good. It can be substantially worse FYI).

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. It's all about making the best of your current situation instead of comparing yourself with others. Focus your attention on what you can control, commit and give it your all. Don't worry too much about things you cannot control e.g. the past, the future, others.

Remember that life is a game, not a race so don't rush the process. Live life the way you want to and enjoy the present because time, like water flowing in a river, can never be touched again once it's gone.

Stay hungry, stay foolish, stay safe.