Musings of a curious developer 📖

Why data science?

My biggest motivation for wanting to learn data science is simply because I had this on my to-learn list for quite a while now. If I attemped it and concluded that I do not like it then at least now I know there is one less item on my to-learn list. That is how I am trying to beat my quarter life crisis!

The second reason for learning data science is because it synergises very well with what I am currently doing; working as a blockchain engineer. Public blockchains like Ethereum contain a lot of data so all that's left is to find actionable insights that are also profitable!

This leads nicely onto my third reason, money. It is hypocritical of me to say I am not in it for the money because I definitely am. A quick google search can tell you how much this industry has grown and will continue grow to but despite the growing demand for data scientists, there is an oversupply of talent for entry level roles.

As with any aspect of software development, the simplest way to standout is to do some side projects so this is my attempt at doing a side project to get my foot into the data science industry!